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Reputation Rocks is cutting edge, patent pending, reputation management software that not only asks, tracks and promotes positive ratings and reviews from your clients but also minimizes negative ratings and reviews; allowing you to enhance your reputation to Rockstar level. This could be the lowest costing return on investment marketing available. Not to mention reputation marketing efforts build upon itself, as opposed to regular marketing that is presented and then gone, like ads, commercials, pay-per-clicks or any other marketing of this type. When is the best time to plant a tree? 10 years ago and today. Don't waste more time not enhancing and promoting your online reputation management.

In most cases who leaves reviews? Who takes the time to find your business online, locate your public rating and review sites and leave feedback? Those that are unhappy. That is who. The old adage of "No Word, is a Good Word" still holds true, but with as much power and control online ratings and reviews have (and it's only going to get stronger and more powerful) you cannot afford to sit idle with your online reputation.

So how do you get positive ratings and reviews? You ask for them. That's exactly what Reputation Rocks does. We direct those happy clients to all of your online rating and review sites in the easiest possible way, but will also allow your unhappy clients to vent their frustrations and dissatisfaction to the business owner before it goes public! This allows you to constantly monitor your clients and their feedback, while promoting a positive online reputation.

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Fine tune
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Promote Positive Ratings and Reviews while minimizing Negative!

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In my trade, everyone reads ratings and reviews and if you rank below your competition, you more than likely won't get the business. Managing my reputation has drastically increased my business and online reputation for the better.

Ryan S. - Contractor

your business

More Exposure to Your Positive Ratings & Reviews, Equal More Business!

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Medical treatments are not something people commonly want to promote online, unless they're unhappy, so the ability to ask for reviews in a non-intrusive way has made the positive reputation gains invaluable.

Tracy R. - Doctor

Let Your Voice
Be Heard

Put Your Positive Reviews Front & Center Where they can be Heard!

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The food industry is the most attacked of any and not having an active reputation management tool can quickly damage your reputation beyond repair. Having an active positive review campaign has not only increased our positive reviews but helped us alleviate negative before they went public. Reputation Rocks is amazing!

Frank G. - Restaurateur

Beat The Marketing

Reviews, Ratings and Rank Rule, Make Sure Your Do Too!

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When you manage client's finances, there's a lot of trust that needs to be in place and nothing can crush that trust faster than a few negative ratings or reviews. It's imperative that I keep a clean and polished reputation and Reputation Rocks has helped me do just that, which has in turn led to more clients.

Kyle R. – Financial Planner

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